How I Lead


Creative leadership is a privilege. Here’s how I think about it as a craft, as I lead—and learn from—my teams.


Sometimes declaring a way forward is what creative teams need most: clarity, coherence, an exciting ‘why’, or a rigorous critique. Whatever unlocks creativity and pushes the work forward.


At other times, my teams need me to work shoulder to shoulder with them: to get stuck in and to add my craft. It’s about doing whatever’s necessary and most helpful.


There are also times when the best way to lead is to empower others, then get out of their way. It can mean helping them manage their creative energies, adjusting team dynamics, or crafting conditions that meet the moment.


One of my core responsibilities is to feed teams and clients with fresh, surprising sources of inspiration. I spark them with insights from global culture, science, the news, philosophy, internet art, and more.

Mentoring & Growth

To build diverse, equitable teams, I commit to supporting the distinct experiences and needs of each creative individual. I offer and invite robust, respectful practices of feedback, and build measurable paths to growth and personal flourishing.


Truly happy collaborators make truly extraordinary things. I create environments where people can do their best work: an inclusive culture of respect; healthy norms that accommodate both intense work and rich lives; and rituals that promote curiosity and belonging.